Why CryptoUnited PoS-Pool?

The World first Full managed staking - communitypool with the biggest selection of coins!

Our Pool is the world first full managed pool.

A intuitive user interface to manage your coins and to check the community pool.

Reward time is lot shorter when you stake together with our pool.

Together we earn higher rewards than individually.

We have a lucrative referral system [read more].

We are absolutely transparent.

Our pool is completely independent.

No restrictions on deposits or withdraws.

No cost for hardware for you.

No cost for electricity for your computer or server.

Completely secure and stress-free.


You don't have to wait for days or weeks to receive a stake. You don't need a personal computer or server that runs 24 hours a day. Due to the size of our pool, the optimal time of the stake can be determined. You don't need any technical knowledge!


Here is an example with B3 Coin (Solo vs. StakeUnitedPool):

Solo: After 28 days of staking with 20k B3 you've got 1,313k B3. 

StakeUnited: After 28 days of staking with 20k B3 you've got 13,823k B3!
(btw: that's 10 times more than staking alone! After 60 days it's 50 times more!!!) 


Our Pool is fully automated managed and our website is updated instantly after each stake! You will always know what's going on! Waiting less and no worries! You can even double check the math!

Our fees are low! Only 3% compensation from the "stake reward". That includes server costs, system administration, referrals and salaries for employees. You can withdraw and deposits anytime. After the next incoming stake the coins will be immidialaty send to your wallets, 24/7! Liquidity is always our high priority! We optimize our wallets constantly so that a stake is received every 24 hours. Because every coin is different, we fine tune every wallet individually!


Trust of the Community

Our intention is: Let's stake together!
Check out our DiscordChannel and ask our users how it works.


High Availability

Redudant Servers around the world guarantee 100% Uptime. (24/7)
(offline only in maintenancetime)



Our infrastructure is extremely secure!
Multiple premium hoster (load balancing), intelligent firewalls (WAF), DDoS protection and 2FA are just a few examples.


Multilingual Support

We speak English and German. Contact us at [email protected]

or visit our DiscordChannel