How to be a part of PoS Pool


  • The referral bonus is 10% (You get 10% from the fees of each stake)

  • The fees are 3% of each stake, not from your deposit!

(The fees will be taken for Servercosts (15 Servers atm growing), all the refs will be paid with the fees and the rest of it is for our team)

Staker advertise Staker

If someone registers on our PoS pool with your referral, you get 10% of the fees from each stake of the user.

Example calculation with B3Coin:

User#2 registers with the referral link of User#1.

User#2 depotits 10.000 B3 and is currently receiving a stake of 27,4% each day.

User#2 gets a stake of 2.700 B3, 3% of this are fees (81 B3)

User#1 gets 10% of the fees from User#2, that are 8,1 B3

After 10 days User#2 has 83.411 B3 

and User#1 has 487,5 B3 because of the referral bonus and the fact that his coins are also staking.

After 20 days User#2 have 880.656 B3 

and User#1 has 10.866 B3 because of the referral bonus and the fact that his coins are also staking.


How To

1. Look up all the coins we are currently staking in our PoS Pool : PoS Coins

2. Buy the coin you want to stake on an exchange.

(You can see the available exchanges in our  blogposts of the coins)

3. Register at our PoS Poolsystem and confirm the registration email

4. Log in to your account

5. Go to ACCOUNT BALANCE and create a deposit (+)

     Send the coins from exchange or your wallet to the shown address.

6. Generate a new deposit address.



7. Deposit coins to the generated address


8. Deposited coins will start staking AFTER MATURE TIME automatically


10. You can withdraw your coins anytime, just claim a withdrawal and enter your wallet address.

  (The coins will promptly be send after the next coin control (EVERY 24 HOURS), we can not send coins while staking, because this will abort the stake)

You can see your pending withdrawals and the deposit/withdrawal history at the bottom of the page.

If you make a new deposit you can not withdrawal these coins in the first 4 days!

In the settings you can activate 2FA login

YOU`RE DONE ! Relax and watch your coin balance growing fast!



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