StakeUnited FAQ


When will the referral payments start?

Referral payments will start after the 15 days since release (on 18 Dec. 2017) !

When will i get my first Stake?

After you deposit your coins you have to wait for the first coin control/merge.
(coin control/merge will be done at least once a day for the most coins)


Any Problems?

Please send us always a PM on Discord with:


Please enter the TXID and the number of coins immediately as soon as you have both!

If it is not in pending, please report immediately with the following data via PM:

You must report an error in the deposit within 24 hours otherwise we can not take responsibility.

Withdrawal frequency

Withdrawals are processed once a day. (Only if we had at least one stake of this coin today)
A new deposit can only be withdrawn after at least 4 days.

(Because of various security relevant points)

Don´t send coins from pool to pool

Please do not send/withdrawal your coin from our pool to our pool!

Where can i find the TXID?


  1. Go to "Withdraw History"

  2. Download the .csv

  3. In this file you can find all your transactions with the TXID


  1. Go to History

  2. Click on Withdrawals

  3. Click on the transaction

  4. In the new popup you can find the TXID


  1. Go to Wallet

  2. Minimize the BALANCE tab

  3. Maximize the WITHDRAWAL HISTORY tab

  4. There you find the TXID


You get an email of every withdrawal with the TXID in it


My registration E-Mail doesn’t come. How long should I wait?

E-Mail should be there within 30 minutes, take a look in your spam folder.



What is happening after deposit? When will I get first stake?

After you deposit coins and they are shown in your balance, we merge the coins once a day. After that your coins are in the pool and you will get your rewards with the next stake. 

What are the max and min for deposit and withdraw?

Minimum is 1 Coin, there is no maximum

When can I withdraw? How long does it take?

Withdraw can be requested at any time. After the next merge your requested coins will be sent.

Where is my deposit? I put all the data, but the transaction is not shown in pending?

In this case you need to log out from your account, go to and then login again. We are working on solution for this problem, it will be fixed asap.


Will coin XXX be supported? When?

 We have a list of possible coins, but any suggestions for coins are welcome. Our community will decide, which coins must be added so we will make a voting for it.

How long does it take to stake a Coin XXX? How much % will I get per day?

Go to You can see average staking time and % per day over the last 2 weeks.

Do we have master nodes? Any plans?

We don’t have it yet, but we are going to do it



Do you have thread on Bitcointalk?

Coming soon

Can you show me your spreadsheet?

We don’t have a spreadsheet, but its planned that you can export one