Nibex Cash [NBX]








Nibex Cash is a coin based on the Dash prototype. It is stable, guarantees anonymous transactions and saves your time.

The technology in the basis of the coin’s network architecture is a Masternode P2P network. Working on Nibex Cash internal development improvement, we have created a new network layer consisting of servers that work together in clusters called quorums. So, Nibex Cash systems are protected from attacks on the network. As a Masternode owner, you will be not only fully protected, but also generously rewarded.

Nibex Cash algo is developed on Hybrid X11 algo. POW (mining) will work only from 1 to 1000 block to start the network. POS starts from block 1001. From that stage only masternode and coin (staking) owners will receive generous rewards.

In a few months Nibex Cash will take its rightful place on major exchanges. We invite you not only to be an onlooker of the evolution of digital money, but also to become our partner.

Nibex Cash wallets will be avilable tomorrow with the blockchain launch. No exact time, because we need to finish up some details.

Announcement will be made as soon as everything is ready.

We will make 2 rounds of masternode presale after the blockchain launch: 15 MNs for 0,3 btc each and 15 MNs for 0,4 btc per MN. Before the presale starts you can make reservations if you wish.

Funds will be used for further development, exchange and listings.


Coin name: Nibex Cash
Coin ticker: NBX
Algorithm: X11
Type: POW + POS + Masternodes
Block Time: 120 Seconds
Min. staking age: 12 hours
Last POW Block: 1000
Rewards: Masternode reward - 80%, POS - 20%
Max Coin Supply: 90 000 000 
Coins Required For Masternode: 5000
Premine: 500 000 




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