POS Coin: Interstellar Holdings (HOLD)







Interstellar Holdings has specifically been created to help private investors diversify their portfolios by streamlining the process of investing in the cryptomarket.

At Interstellar Holdings we strive for perfection, for growth, and success. We are introducing a revolutionary system which connects cryptocurrency to an asset based holdings. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, our currency is going to have tangible assets that can support the value of our coin. At Atlas, we are setting long term goals to ensure that our currency maintains values and remains a permanent financial assest. We believe that the current cryptomarket is in an exceptional position, and smart investing today can yield extremely high returns. At Interstellar Holdings we have a skilled team that has investment experience and the expertise to understand the basis of cryptocurrency and block chain. This will be the basis of Interstellar Holdings and we will be using the assets raised from our currency to diversify and invest across the cryptomarket. Making an easy one stop coin for investors looking to get into the cryptomarkets.  Creating a hedgefund-like structure, we are able to make new investments that will allow us to grow our networth as a whole, adding value to our currency and community. Our goal is to develop Interstellar Holdings to become a major player in the cryptomarkets and progress with our community to financial success.


Coin Cap: 2 000 000 000
Algorithm Scrypt
Port: 10130
RPC Port : 10131
Coin name Interstellar Holdings
Coin abbreviation HOLD
Premine: 2.5% (1.5% OF THIS WILL BE BURNT)
Block time: 120 secs.
1 coin fair launch
2501 - 10000 = 50 HOLD
10001 - 15000 = 0 HOLD
15001 - 25000 = 150 HOLD
25001 - END = 100 HOLD
Blocks 2500 – 10000: 2500%
10000 – 25000: 5000%
25000 – 80000: 750%
80000 – 130000: 1000%
130000 – 170000: 2000%
170000 – 190000: 3600%
190000 – 200000: 7200%
200000 - END: 1000%


ALL premined coins will be locked until block 10,000. This means that there will be a NO premine fair distribution start, this will also combat inflation and prevent high circulating supply. After block 10,000, 1% (20million) coins will be distributed throughout the development team and also will be used for marketing purposes and for coin growth. These coins will not flood the market, these coins will be held and will remain unsellable until a 3 month period finishes. However, during this 3 month period, the coins staked from this supply will be usable and sellable by their rightful owners, this will lead to a steady growth. We want to make sure we are as fair as possible and want the longevity of this coin to be transparent, we aren’t trying to pump and dump, we aren’t trying to sell our coins and leave, we are trying to create a great community driven coin which provides REAL value and purpose.



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