How to launder Cryptocoins

This is just one of many solutions to launder a cryptocurrency.

Some infos and recommendations

  • This is just one of many solutions to launder a cryptocurrency.
  • It`s not necessary but we recommend to use a VPN (e.g.
  • Why should I launder my coins?
    • When you want to buy anything anonymously you need to launder your coins!
      • e.g. on the Bitcoin Blockchain you can see any transaction!
  • Moneros (XMR) transactions are invisible!
  • You can use any exchange where you can trade anonymously. We use HitBTC for that because we dont have to enter any personal data.


  • 2 Email Accounts (e.g. Protonmail)
  • 2 HitBTC Accounts
  • Wallets
  • Any Coin! Buy them on the exchange of your choice. But if you want you can buy Monero directly on, if you do that you need just 1 HitBTC and 1 Email Account.

How to

We will show you the tutorial without using If you want to use anycoindirect you have to skip the first steps.  Then you have to buy Monero direktly on anycoindirect, send it to your Monero Wallet#1 and go on with step 4.

In this example we shop you how to launder some Bitcoin, but it is the same with any other coin.


1. Send the BTC you want to launder from your exchange or wallet to you HitBTC Account#1


2. With this BTC you have to buy XMR.


3. Send the XMR from your HitBTC Account#1 to your mymonero Wallet#1


4. Send the XMR from your mymonero Wallet#1 to your mymonero Wallet#2

  1. Copy the address of your mymonero Wallet#2

  2. Login to your mymonero Wallet#1

  3. Click on Send

  4. Enter the address of your mymonero Wallet#2

  5. choose the amout of XMR you want to send

  6. and change the privacy level to paranoid

  7. Send Payment!

From here you are anonymous!


5. Send the XMR from mymonero wallet#2 to yout HitBTC Account#2

Use the same instructions as in point 4


6. Trade the XRM in BTC (or any other cryptocurrency)


7. Send the BTC to your Wallet


Now you can send them anywhere and nobody knows who you are!