PoS Pool

Make huge Gains because of the advantage of a Communitypool! We have our own managed PoS Pool with a lot of different PoS Coins! New Coins will be added promtly! 

PoW Pool

We have our own Proof of Work Pools with many general Coins and a lot of the new PoS Coins!


Anonymity is really important for us, this have serveral issus. Here you can find everything to be anonymous in the Internet, in your payments, to get servers etc


Not all ICO`s, but the best. The top ICO lists of other very good teams.


Personal coaching all around Cryptocurrencys, privacy and anonymity


Here we have a List from the best Tradingsignalgroups and you can buy them with an extra price reduction. We have Partnerships with many good traders.


A lot of tutorials, all around cryptos, anonymity and other technic stuff